About Us

Software engineering for social change.  

Social interactions are a huge part of what makes us human.  Our connections with others help us learn, grow, and explore every day.  And with technology, we can expand the power of these connections even further.  Together we can create a better world.  

Missing Wire is a software company focused on creating social media applications that bring people together in new and exciting ways.  We’re keenly focused on social and community innovation to improve the way we function together as a society.  

Our Core Values

  • Education
    Our applications gather and organize information in a way that’s useful for people.   It’s all about learning what’s out there and uncovering the truth.  We’re committed to providing people with knowledge that empowers them to grow and take action.  

  • Communication
    We believe in the beautiful clash of ideas.  In creating a world of understanding between all types people.  In opening the channels of communication so we can learn from each other in an effective, friendly, and meaningful way.  This is what social media is capable of.

  • Social Impact
    At the end of the day, we’re focused on work that contributes toward positive growth in our societies. Technology has the power to improve the way we live and interact with each other, so we’re committed harnessing that power in everything that we do.

Our Approach

We’ve honed an approach that’s built on minimalism and focused on quality.  Operating with advanced, lean software development methods, we’re able to expedite the creation of ideas to market while reducing the cost across the board.  We’ve spent years developing our process and take pride in delivering high-quality products for our users that evolve with the ever-changing world around them.

Join Our Movement

If you’re interested in making a positive social impact, our door is always open.  We love meeting people from different backgrounds, bringing visions to life, and contributing in every way we can.  Contact us anytime to connect and get involved with one of our projects – or to simply chat about our work.  

Let’s work together and change the world!

- Matt & Chet